Tuesday, 18 February 2014


Wow i'ts been so long since my last post, February sure has been a short but fast month. I'm so much looking forward to Spring and taking longs walks through the park more often or should I say cycling as recently I bought a little second hand bike in a vain attempt to get fit and to carry less stuff up the GIANT hill to Uni ( I may be slightly exaggerating).

Life has been quite hectic with Uni work this month and now it seems when I have spare time I'm at a loss with what to do. I want to spend my time being creative for myself and not necessarily a set project so I'm looking into making my own pattern, I adore prints and colour and want to maybe try silk screening a pattern onto a scarf. I work Saturday/Sunday at Monsoon/Accessorize and all the lovely Spring prints are filling me with lots of inspiration. Maybe soon I will post some sketches here.

Nevertheless the park has been filled with little signs of spring, green shoots and flowers being to blossom keep my mornings bright and cheery. I can't wait for the warmer weather.

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