Saturday, 15 March 2014

Bright Nights and lovely type

So far I am loving the brighter nights. I love leaving uni when it's nice and bright outside and walking through the park when the sun is just going down.

My morning walks are becoming brighter as well with the addition of all the little sings of spring flowers appearing and such BEAUTIFUL colours!! I am filing all this inspiration away in my little head to hopefully turn into my very own pattern over the next few weeks.

Lastly I feel I must share this rather geeky pleasure of mine. Firstly you should know that I am a BIG hand rendered typeface sort of gal and ever since I laid eyes upon the above font on the Boden spring catalogue well I have been searching for it ever since (Ironically I found it by complete accident searching for a typeface for a Uni project). I am trying ever so hard to resist the urge to re-design my website using this typeface or just using it for every single typography project yet to come.

* I stumbled across this typeface on Dafont for FREEEE yey for free fonts! here is the link for you fellow handrendered geeks out there >>>