Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Lately i'm loving

1) My DREAM dress! this is my favourite item of clothing to rock right now its so pretty and makes me feel like one of those ladies who makes all their own christmas cards and carries a Cath Kidson lunch box with actual healthy food inside. 

2) I love this little owl cushion from thunder egg, it's so sweet. Iv'e named mine Harold. 

^^^ This is the dream haaaaaaa

3) This little quirky dress is so much fun, the budgie print is quite comical and makes me smile when I wear it + you can never own too many little red dresses really.

4) For christmas my Papa gave me this nifty polaroid camera, since then i've enjoyed adoring it with snow white stickers and taking lots of photos of my flatmates beard. 

Thursday, 23 January 2014


Sunnnnnn these photographs were taken on one of the only sunny days last week in Carlisle. I only moved to England two years ago and to this area 7 months ago but I have to say it is one of my favourite places. I love the calm atmosphere in Bitts Park when I walk through on my morning walk into Uni. which is quite odd seen as it's located next to the main road and a rather busy round about but the trees make it feel really secluded and I enjoy walking through every morning.


Simple things make me smile, I love unexpected colour combinations and the satisfaction you get when piecing two colours together that shouldn't quite work but somehow surprise you. That being said there is nothing more pleasing to the eye than a matching colour palette especially when that colour is turquoise. So pretty, so shallow, so simple but at least i'm easily pleased.


Soooo, anyone that knows me will be aware of my love for all things printed floral and colourful. To say i'm print obsessed is an understatement, so it comes as no surprise that lately I've gone a bit mad in the January sales and now have enough floral prints to open a fabric shop (one day). 

Above are just a few little snaps from my instagram over the past few weeks because it's 9PM and i'm a lazy blogger, feel free to follow me around on instagram lots more floral and polka dot action to be found, gosh i'm so interesting.