Thursday, 26 December 2013


A few months ago now I began to create initial layout ideas for my very own website! ahh exciting, anyway after months of work and many hot chocolates later the site is now live- I REPEAT THE SITE IS NOW LIVE! but before you go rushing off with excitement to view I have a sneak preview and by sneak preview I mean some screen shots from my computer of the final layout-enjoy!

 I wanted a really quirky pictorial style for my site. Cue lots of late nights making rollover images.

 I'm all about colour so the decision to strip all the bright images down to black and white was tough but the end result is a lot more subtle and the little pops of colour work really well with all the other black and white images.

This page will be easy to edit and will allow me to add more projects with ease so keep an out for more little images appearing very soon.

Quick shot of what my portfolio page will look like.

It wouldn't feel like my website if there wasn't a hot chocolate mug somewhere in there!

here is a link to my portfolio site - enjoy interacting with the many MANY rollover images on there.


Hello after much neglect on my part I have decided to reinvent this blog to my own style in order to encourage me to us it more. Lots of changes headed this way....

Thursday, 14 February 2013


This is the final outcome of our second project dealing with the medium of film. This time around we were specifically looking at the opening credits of films and how they set the tone for what's to come.

Working in teams of two we were given fictional films and asked to design a 30 second opening title sequence, The details of our film are as follows


"Hard hitting exposé of the modern phone system starring David Schwimmer. One day, "Five" falls through his phone receiver and discovers the innocent millions who are daily trapped "on hold" wandering around like ghosts."