Thursday, 29 January 2015

Brush Pen Doodles

At the moment I find myself really drawn to beautiful hand rendered calligraphy.

There is no denying that recently designs are starting to look more organic again. In an incredibly digital world it is refreshing to see things created by hand, with imperfections and wobbly letters (why is the letter S such a difficult shape to draw?). It puts personality into design and a fun element that can't always be reproduced digitally such as the little mistakes that make lettering and hand writing unique to each of us, not to say that digital should be shunned completely, I am so lucky to be born in a time that is forever evolving technologically. I can create designs at such a fast pace when before it may have taken hours.

These little quirky doodles are just a fun experiment with my fancy new brush pen (why has it taken me so long to get buy a brush pen?). I like the idea of mixing the physical with digital and using both mediums at once. The colours are so bright and merge really well with the brush strokes.

Just thought I would share some quick little sketches as I have been so busy lately with Uni work taking priority it's been easy to neglect blogging (what's that? my last post was in August, oh dear) I aim to keep regular posting maybe featuring more of my work that i've been creating. I am working on such a fun project I can't wait! to share on here so keep a look out for that.

I'm also on instagram if you just can't wait another 5 months for my next post

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