Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Summer in the City/ Peak at my Summer sketchbook

 I love Carlisle it's not like a regular city but more like a big town. The people are nice and friendly and the town centre has a lovely nostalgic feeling. One of my favorite areas to go is Bitts park as it has the most beautiful willowy trees and brightly coloured flower beds. I enjoy riding my bike through it in the evening and walking through it in the morning. Despite being situated next to a rather busy road it feels so enclosed and is the perfect place to go on a warm day.

I recently spent a few hours on a really lovely warm day just sitting in the park cutting and sticking pictures in my summer sketchbook, talk about bliss!.

(I also feel this experience was enhanced by the presence of my fabulous lemon dress, so summery, so lemony.

I also thought I should post some pictures from said sketchbook. I love having a good nosy through sketchbooks they have an unfinished quality that really appeals to me. I bought this little boden A5 notebook from Ebay and I love it! the colourful design and hand written type on the front are right up my floral printed  street.

I love these little doodles on the inside cover they are so bright and playful! They remind me of drawings from when I was wee.

Oh washi tape how I love thee, I feel like adding a strip to any design instantly gives it such a fun textural element. 

I could cut and stick for hours and hours just filling pages with all the little ideas bubbling around in my messy mop. Trying out colour/ pattern combinations and page layouts not to mention going through rolls of washi tape..

So there we go a little peak at my sketchbook and lots of rambling about parks, lemon dresses and washi tape. A perfect summing up. xx

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