Monday, 7 April 2014


Long time no post! what with various Graphic design related projects overlapping recently I feel like I haven't had a moment to myself. So now that I am (almost) up to date and on top of things, well as on top of things as my dizzy little head can possibly be I thought it might be nice to share my latest project on here.

This last week has been a hardcore stressful cutting up dresses to bind books at 3AM sort of week but so so worth it, I feel with this photobook project I really hit the ground running and got to tailor a brief to suit my personal design style. So above are a few snippets of my very own photography book.

I must make sure to update with a picture of the lovely cover bound in fabric that came from a dress I cut up (talk about sacrifice in the name of art geez). The theme of my book centred around colours and patterns and general matching and clashing of prints something I do enjoy very much. Nothing makes me happier than beautifully co-codinated colours or shouldn't quite work but somehow does pattern clashing ohh the little things that excite me.

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